Monday, November 2, 2009

350 Fair!

Okay, okay... so this was a while ago (2 Saturdays ago to be exact), but I was busy going to lots of events! And also there was Halloween... yeah... But this is perfect timing because I can actually just remind you to vote tomorrow! Ulster County elections are here!

170 countries participated, held events to create awareness about climate change. The goal is to get the carbon density back down to 350. Then the climate will be stable. So... let's get to it! Turn off your lights when you can! Ride your bike instead of driving!

Soul Purpose played some classics like "Mustang Sally", "Superstition", and (yes, they had to) "Soul Man".

High School rappers "Pistols for Pandas" spit some environmentally friendly rhymes.

Then Betty and the Baby Boomers played some classic folk songs.

It was a lovely day, the biggest Haz Park event this year :)