Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday Night Music! ... what I was awake for

Friday night was one of the biggest music nights that New Paltz has seen in a while. Unfortunately, I passed out. (Oh vodka, you've done be wrong.) What I did see was pretty exciting.

The Rhodes played their new singles! For the sake of New Paltz's Rhodes nostalgia, they performed a bunch of their old songs, too. I remember how I fell in love with The Rhodes last year. They booked every Tuesday night at Oasis, murdering jazz Tuesdays (which a lot of my jazz major friends were pissed about). But they made Tuesday nights exciting, livening them with Beatles-esque dance songs. Now they've left home, playing a lot more frequently in Brooklyn. They even played CMJ this year. Impressive.

Also, Adir Cohen (musical genius, makes it look easy) and his band Sharks Roar played at Cabs. I'm so sad that I missed this, but if you missed it and you're sad too, you can make it up to him! (I'm projecting.) He's hosting a big acoustic show at Oasis next Tuesday night! 18+, 2 for 1 drinks, what more could you want?

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