Monday, October 12, 2009


This past Saturday The Jings had a gig at 60 Main. It was the first time I'd seen them, and I have to say... next big thing? Yup, I think so. Their sound is both unique and catchy, a rare and wonderful pairing. Rhythm guitarist and vocalist, Oscar Bilger, has such a pure and moving tone to his voice. They'll be playing at Muddy Cup on Friday, October 23rd at 9:00 with Mother's Borsch, so feel free to check that out :) They'll also be at Oasis on Tuesday, October 27th and again on Tuesday, November 10th. That's right, Tuesdays will be eventful.

Other acts of the evening included The Big Toe, Charles Cullen, and one Mister Jordan Siwek.

The Big Toe put a clarinet into the mix, making them even more amazing than they already are.

Charles Cullen roared out a couple of tunes. His vocals are emotionally charged for sure. I enjoyed it a lot.

And, of course, Jordan rocked it out with classic Alpha State (RIP) hits such as The Missing Piece and Soar. Then he covered some amazing songs like Radiohead's "Creep" and David Bowie's "Life on Mars".

Amazing evening! 60 Main is a pretty good place to be on the weekends. There's art and music and positive energy. Plus, really lovely people will make you coffee.

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