Saturday, October 24, 2009

In The Pocket Helps Swing Hips

Be prepared. I'm gonna hyperbolize this shit: In The Pocket is the best, most dance-worthy band I've seen perform in New Paltz to date. Okay, okay... The Jonny Monster Band was pretty damn dance-worthy, too. But my hips have never churned so violently in one night before. They nearly danced themselves off of my body.

The band members for the evening included a pair of twins, a music teacher, a singing drummer (!), an above-average guitarist, and the ever-popular VT.

Favorite number of the night? Pass the Peas! I always want bands to play that song. It's the shit. It's also my new ringtone...

So here's the deal, this band is the bee's knees and you'd best be watchin' out for it. I'll tell you all about their next gigs. They play all over the place. New Paltz was just one stop on their groove train, but the other places they play aren't too far away. If you're carless, ask me for a ride. I'll try to fit you in my teeny tiny VW bug :)

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